About safetyresultsblog

Welcome to safetyresultsblog. Owned and hosted by Alan D. Quilley CRSP.

Alan D. Quilley is the author of “The Emperor Has No Hard Hat – Achieving REAL Safety Results”  and “Creating & Maintaining a Practical Based Safety Culture”.

He’s the president of Safety Results Ltd., a Sherwood Park, Alberta, OHS consulting company. You can reach him at aquilley@ safetyresults.ca or through his Safety Blog – http://safetyresults.wordpress.com.

2 comments on “About safetyresultsblog

  1. Robert Romanuk says:

    Mr Quilley,
    Bravo on your article in Canadian Occupational Safety, “The Problem with Zero.” When Zero Accidents became the stated objective of the provincial agency in Ontario, many of us were incredulous. Your 5 Points shine the way to developing a culture where education and application of safe practices in managed risk will lead to optimal results.

    Bob Romanuk

    • Thanks for the kind words Bob. Measuring success by counting what doesn’t happen to you (which could be entirely by luck) is an unfortunate myth we’ve been working with for decades in Safety Management…time to more forward!
      Alan D. Quilley

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