Welcome to all of the new visitors…please leave a comment!

Well I finally did it…after several years of thinking that I should do this I finally found the time to create a Blog. I hope you enjoy it as a place to come to discuss the search for Safety Excellence. Please leave a comment and let us know you were here!

Best Regards

Alan D. Quilley CRSP


3 comments on “Welcome to all of the new visitors…please leave a comment!

  1. Joseph Slavin, CRSP says:

    Al, wonderful addition to our understanding of safety excellence. Thanks!

  2. On Mr.Slavin’s suggestion I’ve made my way through the internet fog to find your isle of reason; health and safety information and option handled in such a way that it accessible and understandable to myself and my clients. I look forward to sharing this link through the various social networking means as well as my website (as stunted as it looks at the moment).

    On your request for website tips and recommendations:
    -The website would be served to have an RSS feed built in so that, instead of readers having to come to the site for updates, they are sent to their chosen e-mail.
    -Podcasts are the cheapest and one of the most engaging ways to communicated on the web today. They can be accessed everywhere, stream from the source, negating the need to actively download, and can be enjoyed at almost any time. Many people I know now listed to their favorite podcast in the car on the drive home, or while working at the office. I defiantly recommend it.


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