The Learning Curve Is Steep

I’m finding it incredibly stimulating learning about blogs and social media…so much to learn and so little time.

It really is my desire to in some small way help raise the level of conversation about creating safety excellence. So much that is available on the internet is based on meeting the minimum standards in health and safety management. We need to do much better…if we don’t, predictably people die and are injured because of their work or play.


2 comments on “The Learning Curve Is Steep

  1. S Sandilands says:

    A step in the right direction Al. We need to maintain a strong focus on the practical side of things. too much emphasis on either lag or lead indicators can distort a picture as evidence in a August publication here which reported that in 2005/6 on 58% of workers who had been injured had received OHS training, while in 2009/10 of almost 650,000 workers who had been injured, 82% had received ohs training. My question became – are we creating smarter accidents, or are we not providing teh correct learnings that can be applied in a practical way to actually have an impact in the workplace. having done all theusual studies and also worked through the ISM and implemented it in an organisation, I can categorically say that it works with 6 years of successive improvments, natiaonally recognsied awards for zero lost time and achievement, improved reporting processes, staff participation and significantly reduced wc premiums to unheard of lows in a major organisation. I just wish where I am now would look at the benefits.

    • Stephen
      Indeed training isn’t enough. Knowing what is right doesn’t ensure safe behaviour otherwise we would have lost the need for traffic police decades ago. I’ve talked to many 1000s of people in our training courses over the last few years and ALL of them admitting to doing something unsafe and it wasn’t because they didn’t know it was wrong or risky. In my opinion we need to examine the reasons we take those risks and manage the components of ISMS so that the safe choice is the best choice. Difficult indeed but doable. Your success with this approach is something that inspires me to continue to do what I do my friend!

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