OHS Law – Make Sure You’re Right!

I was just involved in yet another online safety discussion  about legal issues today with some safety folks who REALLY shouldn’t be discussing
their “opinion” without some basic and fundamental understandings of Canadian  Law…specifically Strict Liability and Criminal Law.

Employers are counting on their OH&S staff and  consultants to be accurate in their advice and assistance. We need to ensure we
have more than a passing understanding of what our employers and clients MUST do because of legal obligations.

Take a course, read a book, search the web but make sure if you tell your client/employer that they MUST do something because it’s the law…make
sure you’re RIGHT.

I think it’s time we held another Safety Results Ltd.
OH&S Law Course…any interest?

Oh and by the way…stop talking about Bill C-45…the legal obligation is in the Canadian Criminal Code legislation. The title is “The Criminal Code of Canada” or “Canadian Criminal Code” so if EVER you feel a need to talk or write about criminal liability related to OHS in Canada, please use the proper title…it makes you look silly IMHO to talk about a Bill that’s long gone.

OK Al dismounts his High Horse now…have a safe day!



2 comments on “OHS Law – Make Sure You’re Right!

  1. Samuel ELKINS says:

    Yes I am very interested when you pull enough people together.

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