Safety rules flouted on construction sites: critics CBC News – Alberta

Do more safety inspections really work? Can the strategy of “the few controlling the many” get results? Logically how many inspectors would you need to accomplish this goal? How well is it working in other areas of “safety”. Thank goodness for all that “traffic” enforcement. It’s basically eliminated speeding now hasn’t it?

The strategy of more is better simply doesn’t get the results we’re hoping for. Never has never will. There are better ways.—Effective-and-Efficient-OHS-Management&id=6493478

Observing what the conditions and behaviours are in your work process are essential to creating safety. The Edwards Deming quote comes to mind: “If you can’t describe what you are doing as a process, you don’t know what you’re doing.” Nothing better than a fresh set of eyes to see the situation.

That being said, what is the real value of “blitz” inpections from enforcers? Does it really have a significant effect on the long term health and safety of people in the jurisdition?

Enforcement and measurement that is unpredictible doesn’t really fit the model of human behaviour that we all know works. Consequences that are random have little effect on behaviour because we simply don’t think it will happen. Why would we?


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