Willing and Able – The Key To Safety Excellent Employees

There are two basic features of employee performance that can be managed and motivated:

1)  Willing – Is the employee (in some cases a supervisor) willing to do the assigned tasks? If they aren’t, why not? If it’s a matter of motivation then the ABCs (Activator, Behaviour, Consequences) of human behaviour need to be analysed and put into place. Never forget that people do what they do because of what happens when they do it. Positive consequences are much more powerful than negative consequences. Positive makes an employee WANT to do the right thing. Negative Consequences motivate people to hide from getting caught. What positive things happen when the supervisor does the RIGHT safety activity? What happens if they don’t? These are important questions to be asked and answered.

2) Able – Employees no matter where in the organization they are from the CEO to the person in an entry level, hourly paid position need to be able to do the job assigned. Do they have the knowledge and skills necessary to be successful? If not, then training, coaching and feedback
will be the strategy necessary to help them improve.

Solving the wrong one of these two problems will result in major frustration for both you and the person involved.


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