For Those in the Profession Who Can’t Let Go of the Past…at least get the history correct.


3 comments on “For Those in the Profession Who Can’t Let Go of the Past…at least get the history correct.

  1. Joseph Slavin, CRSP says:

    Al, it has been a fascinating discussion to observe. We truly appear to struggle with basic principles and premises in our profession.

    For those who are not following the origin of this, check out the discussion at EHSQ Elite on LinkedIn, search “Heinrich’s assertion that 88% of accidents are the result of unsafe acts has been dismissed…”

    • Joe
      It’s clearly “group think” at work here. I’m NOT a scientist but I do understand the scientific principles of evidence. There is a ton of opinion without fact…tons of emotion and passion without knowledge. It is at times disheartening to think that there are so many well-meaning folks in this business that are caught up in the historical myths of many decades ago. All we can do is discuss openly and hope that some will reflect on the reasons that they believe what they do.
      The latest comments in this Linkened discussion are incredible. Basically people making money establishing “Certified Safety Management Systems” are using their opinion evidence to “sell” the idea that it’s the secret to success in safety. It’s absolutely crazy for professionals to create causal effects where there are none. There’s no independence in the evidence. In fact, many “Certified” companies find themselves facing huge government intervention because of the very poor performance…seems that gets ignored by the “Certified” study crowd…
      This is why I have taken the approach to this I have…use your own evidence to tell you what is working…what DuPont, Exxon, BP, etc. does is meaningless to your company. If life was this simple we could do this for share price…do what Pepsi does and your share price will be what Pepsi’s is…how outrageously ill informed!

  2. Joe
    If you are still following the conversation…apparently it’s going to take some time for me to see the evidence that will prove the causal effects of these “international” SMS. What has always puzzled me is that if these systems are so good…why are there so many versions…If they work…why do we have to alter them?

    I’ll continue to wait for the evidence…

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