Deming and ISO REALLY?…For the record he thought the idea was WRONG!

Of course you all realize that Deming himself wasn’t much of a fan of ISO…seems odd that so much of the ISO craze is based on his work when he clearly saw the ISO approach as contrary to his main thoughts on the Quality/Continuous Improvement approach so many are using. He was, as many of us are, a fan of using our own evidence to continuously improve (statistical process control charts).

“Measuring yourself against some “international” standard isn’t much use to anyone in your company.” – Alan D. Quilley CRSP

The following is from his own organization:

“Throughout the day Deming took swipes at a lot of today’s popular buzzwords.  For example, he apparently doesn’t care much for ISO 9000 or zero defects. “ISO 9000 shows a lack of brains,” he chided the audience. “Zero defects,” he said, “down the tubes we go.”

He doesn’t care much for the benchmarking craze that’s sweeping the nation either.  “Benchmarking is the last stage of civilization,” he claimed.
Neither were self-directed work teams safe from Deming’s scrutiny. “Each works for its own goals and benefit,” he said. “They are very destructive.”

Deming spent much of the third day explaining how to use control charts correctly.  He made sure that the audience knew the difference between common causes of variation and special causes.  He used the data collected during the Red Bead Experiment to demonstrate this.”

Using Deming to support ISO is like expecting that Warren Buffet would support “large corporate debt” as the key to business success.

Please watch the man himself…if you think for one moment that this incredible thought leader believed in some kind of external auditor adding value to your company, you simply aren’t paying attention.

Another interesting video:

The Red Bead Experiment –


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