Deming’s 14 Points Applied To Safety Management

Be like NIKE and Larry the Cable Guy…Just Do IT and Git-R-Done!

The key to #safety management is not audits and low numbers of injuries.

I’m not the only one concerned about ISO being ineffective:

For those who have read the recent Harvard Report (see link below) I won’t quote the glowing reports of ISO’s benefits on salaries, sales, etc.…they can be assumed by the fact that the paper even got published. What my concern is the following quote from the report regarding the lagging indicators of safety measurement which is exactly the surprise outcome Petersen found in his early work…passing an audit was not the critical factor in safety performance:

“ISO 9001 adopters already had slightly lower than average injury costs at the time of adoption, and we found no evidence that this gap widened or narrowed post adoption. Adopters were more likely to report no injuries for workers’ compensation in the years following adoption. We found no differences in the number of injuries between adopters and matched comparison firms that reported a positive number of injuries.”

So what are we to make of this…”Harvard Study Says ISO has little or no effect on safety outcomes for well managed companies?” Will this be a slide in the ISO future safety related presentations? Somehow I doubt it…let’s keep this little tidbit quiet.

Perhaps what is at play here is that well managed companies are the only ones really seeking this type of recognition…perhaps it’s not ISO at all that is the key factor to safety success.

Regarding the “forced” aspect of ISO companies forcing their suppliers to seek ISO certification I guess that brings into question the almost 1 million certified companies…why do they really bother? Customer requirements? Pride? Why would any company meet the requirements then not be officially audited? More hypothetical questions I guess that will have no answers.

Read the report yourselves…



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