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For those of you who are interested in causality and cause-effect relationships it’s important to have a basic understanding of how the science works…without this rigor you really don’t know what is causing the effect you are seeing. Grand claims can be made as to a product’s effectiveness without any real data at all. I’m sure you’ve all see examples of unsupported “opinion”. Heinrich is a perfect example of conclusion without evidence. There’s a great deal of that on the internet since there’s really no watchdog. Many of these products could not advertise their claims on TV because of that watchdog. I’m sure you’ve seen some of the truth in advertising commercials aimed at making our children wiser consumers. Here’s a humorous example:

“9 out of 10 dentists” claim success related to the use of the famous  toothpaste is a perfect example of grand claims made without evidence. The effect was real…less tooth decay. The truth was the  effect was caused more so by the subjects brushing their teeth more often (because it was being measured) than that formula of the toothpaste.

Cold-FX is a current example of the claims being challenged by REAL science.

What you will find is that if there is a great deal of money to be made then there is a great reason to put a positive spin on the product. These claims can be supported by many, many, well-meaning people without any science…they are simply “convinced” sometimes by group think and the “Hawthorne effect”.

Here’s some primary links to start you thinking about the reality in some claims you’ll hear on the internet…maybe the effect is a positive one…the real question and one that Heinrich didn’t discover is WHY?

Enjoy…the house hippo maybe visiting a website near to you.


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