Statements of Zero Harm & Absolute Preventability of ALL Incidents – Are NOT Logical

Perhaps the real problem of absolute prevention and statements of grand commitment is that they really don’t follow the reasonable logical deduction test. Making statements that are illogical is all to common when trying to inspire humans…trouble is actually doing what you’ve inspied. Example “If you aren’t with us you are against us” – One of the most illogical statements ever uttered by a world leader.
If you work through the following website you will find that “All incident can be prevented” and “Zero Harm” fail dramatically to pass the test of logical reasoning.
Inspiring, perhaps. Demotivating, perhaps. Certainly not logical statements even if you are a CEO and make $$$$$$$$$$$$ in salary and bonuses. Logical reasoning still makes you WRONG in your conclusion.
Have fun…try testing your other beliefs about “safety management” and safety management systems…you’ll find that most of them don’t stand this logical reasoning test.Then re-read Deming and realize that the power of the man’s ideas we’re based in statistically sound logical reasoning and THAT’S why they work.


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