Avoid the Purple Rhino – Zero as a Measure of “Safety”

Don’t Jump To Solution – Thirteen Delusions That Undermine Strategic Thinking – William B. Rouse

“Where do companies go wrong when creating strategic plans? Often, the problem isn’t with the plan itself but the assumptions on which the plan is built. Here, strategic planning expert William Rouse cuts to the heart of the most common causes of failed business plans and strategies and shows how to overcome them. The tone is tongue-in-cheek, but the keen observations and sage advice Rouse offers aptly address a serious subject. It’s a fast-track primer in critical thinking and evaluation that strategic planners and managers at every level can use to approach their work more effectively.”

6. We Just Need One Big Win: Avoiding Chasing Purple Rhinos

This delusion is centered on the question “What single event could make or break your company?” Many people answer this question by explaining a potential “must win” project or by outlining the possibilities for a new “killer” technology. If these events were to take place, they say, the company would be set forever. Money would flow in over the transom, and the company stock would soar.

Rouse suggests choose NOT to chase after Purple Rinos…you see…they don’t really exist!

ZERO HARM/INJURIES is just such a beast…and it’s taken on an importance that can and would be a company “killer”. Chasing the unachievable number!

My treatment of Rouse’s 13 Delusions with a SAFETY MANAGEMENT Slant…



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