Will the Zero Harm Madness EVER Stop? :O)

So I think I have this absolutely irrational approach of Zero Harm/Injuries/Incidents figured out (tongue in cheek of course):

* All incidents, injuries and harm of all kinds are preventable unless we deem them non-preventable because it wasn’t our fault. Now we don’t have to count them in our statistics. This only works for vehicle accidents.

* Preventing ALL injuries doesn’t take super human anticipation of ALL possible future scenarios and absolute total resource allocation to be even remotely possible.

* If a company’s CEO says that their corporation is aiming for ZERO, they obviously “get it” as a safety leader/guru. This ultimate commitment will NOT make everyone in the corporation work REALLY hard at hiding injuries…especially if their bonuses depend on getting ZERO.

* If Zero isn’t achieved it doesn’t frustrate the people working in the corporation.

* Impossible goals have been proven to inspire the people assigned to achieve them.

* Lack of Injures proves we’re safe!

* If you believe that all injuries are preventable then you can make it happen, if you don’t…you can’t.

How am I doing so far? Have I missed any of the totally illogical arguments?

By the way I don’t believe ALL injuries are preventable…and MY Company has NEVER had a Lost Time Incident/Injury or vehicle incident…I’ve hit ZERO every year for over two decades!!!! How can that possibly be??? Oh right this theory of ZERO HARM only works for large corporations…the fact they my company has only two employees makes the theory of Zero Harm invalid…:O)

Will the madness EVER STOP? :O)

“When theory and reality don’t match…it’s not reality that’s WRONG.” – Engineering Proverb


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