Understanding Safety Culture is an art not a science so…

“Define and measure what you can and seek to understand the yet undefinable and currently unmeasurable through the evidence as it presents itself through thoughtful observation.” Alan D. Quilley CRSP

If we don’t get practical (even though we maybe technically and philosophically somewhat incorrect) we won’t be able to help anyone with changing the outcomes.

Our knowledge and abilities to measure “culture” may indeed be limited today. We need to continue our “attempts” to define the, as yet, undefinable factors that we “think” may be at play here. Over time, some of the many truths about culture will appear and what seems mysterious and hazy at the moment will become clearer and hence more manageable.

The adventure continues…when you’re standing a few inches from the trunk of a large tree, so close that you can see nothing else but you are hearing birds singing, feeling the humidity and smelling pine, it’s difficult to KNOW that you are in a forest…but it would be a good guess!


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