Reminder: Creating & Maintaining a Practical Based Safety Culture; Finland (Kirkkonummi, near Helsinki) April 25 -26, 2013

A Message from PieterJan Bots – Owner of EHSQ Elite

Dear fellow members of EHSQ Elite,

EHSQ Elite, together with our longstanding partner AEL, will bring over Alan Quilley from Canada to Finland and organize a seminars for you, safety professional:

Creating & Maintaining a Practical Based Safety Culture

For more information about the program and registration, please go to:

While we cancelled the Amsterdam seminar, the Kirkkonummi seminar is now confirmed with close to 20 participants; there are still some seats available. No need to wait with registration until the last minute! Payment is by invoice.

Tired of delivering safety to your employees like pizza in a box?

Then wake up and realize that these things just don’t work! You need to start incorporating safety into your already successful company practices. Creating & Maintaining a Practical Based Safety Culture within your company will mean that safety will be ingrained into everything your employees do. Furthermore, we will explain how to get the all-important “buy-in” from your employees so that they will begin taking safety seriously.

This seminar is on April 25 -26 in Kirkkonummi (near Helsinki and Helsinki-Vantaa airport) in Finland. An exotic and close to nature location.

The seminar content will be exciting and valuable for you, who want to develop the safety performance of your company, site or plant!

What you will learn:
– Define Safety Culture Creating Activities
– Analyse where on the Safety Culture Continuum their Corporations & Organizations are
– How to positively hold Management & Employees accountable for safety activities
– How to define Critical Safe & Unsafe Behaviours and how to manage the activators and consequences that support those behaviours to make them habitual.
– How to use the Energy/Barrier Model to assist their employee in identifying critical risks and issues to be managed
– Implementing the their Integrated Safety Management System
– Understand how positive feedback and reward help make Critical Safe Behaviours habitual
– Establish a Future State Vision for their company safety efforts
– Personally commit to Start, Stop, Continue activities to improve safety creation.

Who should attend:
Safety managers, HSE managers, plant managers, production managers; anyone interested in how to improve safety performance in your organization!

Best regards,

PieterJan Bots
Owner of EHSQ Elite

Adventures in Making Safety Personal – A How-to Approach that WORKS!

Hope to See You in Montreal!!!!!

Sunday Half-Day Workshop A – Presented by: Alan Quiley, CRSP – President, Safety Results Ltd.

This practical, skill-building workshop is designed to teach participants a proven process of engaging workers and managers in creating their own safety and the safety of others. Techniques described will be tangible, take away processes that can be used by participants to assist them in motivating and inspiring their company staff to do safety for the right reasons and to commit to real personal activities that create safety. Participants of this workshop will receive a copy of Alan’s book, “Creating & Maintaining a Practical Based Safety Culture©” as part of the course materials.


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