Safety Perception Survey – Yes, you can conduct your own – Dennis Ryan

I just got off the phone with a good friend of mine, Dennis Ryan. His work in the area of Safety Perception Surveys is OUTSTANDING! I thought I’d share with the blog readers what I already know of my friend Dennis Ryan – This is BRILLIANT! Enjoy the read!

“A COMMON EXPRESSION IS, “If safety is not being measured, it is not being managed.” SH&E professionals know that one essential activity they perform is diagnosing the SH&E management system. They know that if they do not measure, they will not identify improvement opportunities and, therefore, cannot plan for future improvement. It follows that the measurement methods employed determine the value of the preventive information ultimately obtained.

Two common measurement tools in SH&E are incident statistics and program or system audits. While these measures provide improvement information, neither provides all of the information needed to achieve world-class safety. Incident statistics
are limited because they focus mainly on mistakes made. Program or system audits reveal information about hard factors such as compliance, inspections and investigations, but they fall short of measuring equally important softer factors such as employee satisfaction and management trust. Even combined, the measures do not identify all key factors needed to achieve world-class safety. Few companies achieve world-class safety when the measures they use reveal so little about how to achieve it.
This article describes the development and use of the safety perception survey, a measurement tool  that has proven useful in helping companies achieve safety improvement goals.”

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