Melinda French Gates: What nonprofits can learn from Coca-Cola

Words of GREAT wisdom about Negative Avoidance – Needing VS Wanting. If this can change Nations it should be able to change a safety culture. There may be some clues in what’s being done by Polo Fatigue!

What can Governments and NGOs learn? Perhaps EVERY corporation can learn. Perhaps EVERY Safety Professional can learn about how leading activities can be implemented to get amazing outcomes.

(1) Real Time Data
(2) Find Local Talent
(3) Marketing

Management Support Is Essential for Safety – But What Is It? – James Loud

Great Article!


Mr. Loud’s ( over 40 years of safety experience includes 15 years with the Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA) where he served as the supervisor of Safety and Loss Control for a large commercial nuclear facility and later as manager of the corporate nuclear safety oversight body for all three of TVA’s nuclear sites.  At Los Alamos National Laboratory he headed the independent assessment organization responsible for safety, health, environmental protection, and security oversight of all Laboratory operations.  Mr. Loud is a regular presenter at national and international safety conferences.  He is the author of numerous papers and articles.  Mr. Loud is a Certified Safety Professional (CSP), and a retired Certified Hazardous Materials Manager (CHMM).  He holds a BBA from the University of Memphis, an MS in Environmental Science from the University of Oklahoma and an MPH in Occupational Health and Safety from the University of Tennessee.

A most interesting few days on LINKEDIN

Things I learned over the past two days on a variety of Linkedin discussions:

(1) It’s apparently OK to discount that what does not agree with your position as simply “less than rational.”

(2) It’s OK to only quote the bits of reports that agree with your position.

(3) Opinions which agree with your position are apparently FACTS where dissenting opinion is just opinion.

(4) More Volume = More Credibility. Larger reports = more validly (of course only if 1,2,3 apply)

(5) Never answer the tough question…just ignore them like they we not asked.

Prevention of Incidents VS Creating Safety

Prevention of Incidents VS Creating Safety

It’s a subtle but important difference. Prevention efforts focus on avoiding the negative. Creating Safety focuses on creating work which is done in a way that doesn’t take unnecessary risks and gets the job done.

Prevention relies on thinking that your experience/knowledge with past loss is important in predicting the future. It may NOT be. The one incident may never happen again. How much effort are you going to put into it to making sure what may never happen again never happens again? It could get very expensive.

Go to an airport security line and see “prevention” in action. Effective? Efficient? You decide…you’ll have time to think about it while your Grandmother takes off her shoes while you wait for your turn to put your belt in the plastic container.

Not all data is important: