If you are continuing to propagate bad information you need to hold yourself at least partially responsibile for the results you helped create!


The point which may be missed by “Pro Heinrich” folks is that the common misinterpretation of these axioms, triangle, theories and non-facts does much more harm than good.

Supporting these outdated ideas when we’ve clearly moved on shows very poor leadership knowing what we know about the overwhelming misunderstanding of the original flawed works. It’s BAD COMMUNICATION! As we know that’s a KILLER in safety management.

Don’t believe me? Google Heinrich Triangle and you’ll get BLASTED with errors and misuse of the concept.

Then Try Heinrich Dominoes… we should hold our collective heads in shame of the misuse of these poor concepts in our profession.

If even ONE worker gets hurt because some misinformed company focuses on paper cuts to stop a fatality those pro Heinrich folks need to OWE THAT. Because it has been at least partly caused by the miscommunication of these concepts which cannot be corrected by ignoring the obvious flaws and just picking out the good bits.

Garbage in Garbage out!


This is a terrible example where a “few” facts are misinterpreted by a few and they go on to propagate myths and people (mostly children and the elderly) DIE. If we KNOW that misinformation is highly likely (certainly recognized by the Pro Heinrich folks) and our own evidence tells us that people are misusing the information (the evidence is absolutely overwhelming in Heinrich’s case) why in the world wouldn’t we do everything in our power to reduce the chance the myth would hurt someone?

Counting on people to read through a 8 decade old book to get the truth (as the Pro Heinrich folks are suggesting they do before they use the misguided and erroneous axioms) is highly unlikely. Thinking Fast & Slow tells us that humans are just not going to do that.


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