Congratulations to This Year’s CSSE Award Chapter Winners!

I am humbled by the honor.  Thank you!


After being nominated by their peers, the recipients listed below were chosen by their local chapters and are now in the running for regional and national awards. We would like to thank all the nominees and recipients for their dedication to making Canada a safer place in which to live and work.



– 1Life Workplace Safety & Health Ltd.

– Jennifer Ruszkowski

– Lisa Vogt

– One Workplace at a Time Team

– Safe Saskatchewan & Work Safe Saskatchewan

– Edmonton CBRNE Joint Exercise



– Alan Quilley

– Dan Trottier

– George Pappas

– Jerald Richelhoff

– John MacLean

– Scott Izon

– Mark Balsom

– Will Putz



– Chris Banbury

– Drew Douglas

– Kevin Bisson

– Paul DeGraff

– Aiport Tunnel, Calgary

– Sandvik Materials Technology

– Shashi Assanand

Contact Info: CSSE, 39 River Street, Toronto, ON Canada M5A 3P1 | 416-646-1600 | 877-446-2674 |

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