Essential Safety Reading – Articles by Judith Erickson Ph.D.

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Articles by Judith Erickson Ph.D.

What was Heinrich thinking?
Psychologically safe: Address conditions & states of mind


Finding A Lot Of Resistence to Change?


Attempting to get the Safety Profession UNfrozen from some of the traditional approaches that are fundamentally based in Myth is a difficult task.


It’s worth revisiting!


Time to Revisit – Safety Training Is About Behaviour Change – Mager’s theory of behavioural objectives

Like a bad penny…some safety subjects just keep coming back.

magerDr. Robert F. Mager

Now for something different. How to deal with unprofessional “discussion” on Linkedin.

There’s absolutely NO reason for anyone to have to be subjected to unprofessional comments on Linkedin. Here’s a recommended way to deal with it. Life is too short to fill your lives with people who can’t conduct themselves professionally when exploring ideas and discussing/debating issues of mutual interest.—overview

When facing unwanted posting to Blogs…it’s an easy matter to just TRASH such unprofessional and unwanted submissions.

Have a GREAT day without the stress of unprofessional behaviour.

Lac-Mégantic (R13D0054) Animation — Sequence of events in the Lac-Mégantic derailment and fire

On 6 July 2013, a unit train carrying petroleum crude oil operated by Montreal, Maine & Atlantic Railway (MMA) derailed numerous cars in Lac-Mégantic, Quebec, and a fire and explosions ensued.

The Tragic Truth – A Cause is a Cause is A Cause is A Cause.

Canadian Transportation Safety Board Publishes Its Report

On The Lac-Mégantic Rail Disaster


The wisdom of the pictorial “cause diagram” is that there is NO LONGER a need to label any, some, all CAUSES as subclasses. They all contributed and they are ALL contributing factors! GREAT JOB TSB! No let’s see what we can do to create BETTER safety on our Railways!

Best of all the dominoes have disappeared!



Creating & Maintaining a Practical Based Safety Culture© October 20-21 2014, Sokos Hotel President, Helsinki, Finland

I’m please to be returning to Finland in cooperation with:

AEL Safety Seminar

October 20-21 2014, Sokos Hotel President, Helsinki, Finland.

ADQ Books

Normalization of Deviance – It’s a Killer!

A couple of views of this “disaster waiting for a time and place to happen” situation which is ALL TOO COMMON.

My view from 2008 after meeting Astronaut Mike Mullane

Dave Rebbett’s view:

Mike Mullane:

Even more from Mike:



It’s a stark realization that this is and continues to be a fundamental problem is Safety Management Systems. Blindness to the obvious…

The problem with deviance from the norm is that, some is good. It’s how we learn and evolve. The problem arises where the deviance is no longer seen as the deviance but “the way it is around here.” There becomes a “blindness” to it. The Annual Audit is not likely to be as much of a problem as a solution where the humans inside the system start seeing the deviance as “We’ve always done it that way.”

Identifying “slippage” is a difficult thing when your inside the slippage. Hindsight often gets “arrogant” about their “discovery” of the slippage…easy to do after the “big bang” hard to do when you’re in the eye of the storm. It’s pretty calm in there even though the people inside should be anything BUT calm.

Slippage, scope creep, evolution, they are all natural and predictable errors in live systems. Seeing it, watching for it, then reacting to it is hard to do as so many “all too human” humans find out after it’s too late.