What Makes an Effective Safety Professional? – GREAT Thought provoking article!



Wonderful series from Liam Moran!


The challenge will be (and always is) to find the universality in the features of effective. As noted, far too many in the old guard believe that the new world is like and will continue to be like their old one. “International” is changing and changing fast.


By the time an “international” standard on anything is developed through “consensus” it is all but out dated. At best, it can only be “mediocre” because of the very process used.

The new world moves fast and furious and the old models of attempting to find one-system that fits all is really a waste of human energy. Experiment and work with general principles. Use your own evidence because waiting for the miracle cure to be resolved by committees of people (no matter how well intentioned) is really over.

“What is an effective leader in any human endeavor?” is probably generally universal. However unless you are writing a historical piece what will work in the future may not (actually it is almost guaranteed) not to be what worked in the past. Ethics is a wonderful thing…the question is whose ethics are you talking about?

As the world population shifts so will what we “internationally”, think about as ethical.


It was interesting to me that in India’s recent election at “a toilet for everyone” was a campaign issue. How does THAT fit with “safety excellence?” An effective safety professional in the world of 5 years ago will do how well in the world in 5 years from now? Thinking that the North American/European model of health & safety will work in Asia is anybody’s guess…

Just some things to consider…standing still is NOT an option…actually never was. Is there an app for that? Wait a minute and there will be…

BTW there are 100 minutes of youtube video loaded EVERY minute…it’s not hard to keep up, it’s impossible!


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