A few more words about Safety I and Safety II. BE CAREFUL!

Describing “Good” management and comparing it to “Bad” management using an overwhelming amount of evidence from the masters (Maslow, Skinner, McGregor, Deming, Daniels et al) is pretty straightforward. There is a very good reason the PDCA/PDSA process works… it’s because it’s based on the Scientific Method. It’s based on the classic use of hypothesis, experimentation and evidence which has moved human knowledge forward for Centuries.

This isn’t a movement from one to another…it’s a natural evolution for those who chose to listen to the masters. It’s somewhat apparent by what I’m seeing and the links I’ve read that the author has listened.

Rejecting what one THOUGHT they knew for what becomes evident by output evidence is good management. Those who decide to continue to believe in the Myths of Safety will pay the price of a delayed knowledge. They will continue to argue their points but the reality is if it worked…we would not be discussing this observational concept of Safety(Add a Number of Letter whatever floats your boat). There would be no need to.


I wonder what most CEOs would think of their Safety Pros coming to them with “the secret to safety” and calling it Safety II. Probably a well-received as approaching a management team with “Management Secret II.” My advice is DON’T DO IT if you don’t want to look like a FOOL.


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