Buzz- Buzz – Buzz – The Art of Total Miscommunication

buzz buzz

I’m on several mailing lists; blog notification processes and twitter feeds (blah, blah, blah) all in an attempt to keep up with what is going on in my profession and areas of general interest. If you’re doing something similar then you know just how noisy it can get at times. You’ll also know that it’s impossible to be on top of the latest news since the news is coming at us faster than we can take it in. In fact, it’s coming at us in many multiples of what ANY human can possibly absorb! As an example it’s been reported that there are 100 hours of video uploaded to Youtube EVERY MINUTE! Not sure how accurate that is, since it’s impossible for ME to check.
In some of that overwhelming volume of communication we stumble across what are known as “Buzz Words.” These words are typically “non-words.” Simply put, unless you have the author’s definition, you have NO idea what the word means or what the author is trying to say. It requires further explanation and research. Of course a few years ago the words YOUTUBE, BLOG, TWITTER needed to be explained to the majority of the population. Until they were repeatedly defined and experienced by the masses, not many people understood what they were. So if you choose to pick the buzziest word you can find and include the “new” non-word in your communication (for whatever illogical reason you can create) what do you think the possibility is that you will have clearly communicated with the masses?
How many of the people reading YOUR post/idea/article/email will know the meaning (and even your specific connotation) of the newest “word on the block?” If your answer is anything but “only a select few who have read the book you’ve read” then you’d be partially correct. Of course then the person reading it would need to AGREE with your interpretation of the meaning of the word. So let the debate begin! Even if you limit the “new words you use to show how on top of the curve” you are to ONLY New York Times Best Sellers non-words you are still only communicating to an extremely small fraction of the world population.
Clear communication is a challenge under the best of circumstances. Don’t make it difficult ON PURPOSE! Lose the buzz words! You can read more about my feelings on “fiberfal” on my blog, in my newsletter AND in my upcoming book “Fiberfal In the Next Century.”
OK…come on, you have to admit…that was at least a LITTLE BIT funny! :O)


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