Evidence VS Emotional Based Knowledge

bad science

Just an observation – For those who require independent evidence (whenever possible) to support their knowledge base they don’t often get emotional when folks disagree with them. They are curious about what evidence they may not be aware of. They ask a lot of questions (even if that frustrates others). These folks tend to be very open to the possibilities. Always open to any and all new evidence. Of course junk evidence isn’t given much weight. Most scientist would easily fit into this category, so would “serious professionals.” Tainted evidence isn’t really evidence at all. Snake oil salesmen are doing very well these days especially in the internet age.

Faith, emotional and non-critical thinking based folks don’t like being challenged very much by the illogical nature of their beliefs. They tend to react emotionally when challenged. Often attacking the challenger of their beliefs. This is all too apparent in the anti-science movements (anti-vaccine, anti-GMO, anti-fossil fuels, etc.). It’s important to be a critical thinker and to be a proud skeptical thinker which really only means that evidence is valued by you.

There’s a perfect quote to describe the value of being open minded but there should be limits to what should be considered. This quote by the late and great Carl Sagan who had a great deal to say about evidence VS faith and the failing of all information being automatically valuable.

Great advice if one chooses to take it! :O)


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