How To Hold Safety Meetings That Don’t Suck!


I was in a discussion over the last few days about “measures of safety” that we can use. After a few posts that were focused on some of the details of leading and lagging measures, it became clear to me that there are really only two measures of most things…quality and quantity.

If we are to achieve Safety Excellence, we need to ensure we do not limit ourselves by only focusing on one of the two possible measures. In the case of Safety Meetings we often measure how many we are holding, which is probably a good thing as a start. Unfortunately, not many companies are actually measuring the quality of their meetings/discussions with staff and contractors.

A few years ago, I tested the premise that we are holding safety meetings that really are not very good. I then conducted a bit of a rather unscientific experiment (no control group). Over the next 12 months, I saw over 6000 people at my public speaking and/or training sessions. I asked them ALL the same very simple question…“Please raise your hand if your last “safety meeting” was AWESOME!” I am confident that you will not be surprised when I tell you that very few hands were raised! Those who did raise their hands responded positively when I asked them a follow-up question, “Was it YOUR AGENDA?” An overwhelming number responded YES! (Insert Laugh Track Here!)

That’s when I gathered my thoughts about GREAT safety meetings, did some further research on what people thought were GREAT meetings and wrote my book, “How to Hold GREAT Safety Meetings – These meetings don’t suck anymore!©”

Holding meetings without measuring the quality can result in terrible meetings. Holding meetings that are measured will tell you if you are having GREAT meetings or if they SUCK! It is a simple process of deciding what a great meeting is, make it happen and then measure to see if you got there. WOW Plan-Do-Check-Act in action. This actually is what Deming was trying to teach us all!

The following excerpt is from my How to Hold GREAT Safety Meetings – These meetings don’t suck anymore!©
“At 30,000 feet, looking down on the world we live in one can see the “big picture. That’s where we need to take the first view of the problem of creating a great meeting. The 30,000 feet view is to sketch out the meeting process from start to finish in big chunks. High enough above the detail to not get bogged down by the detail that will become necessary later as we work the plan. Like any successful effort we`re going to need a plan. This plan is broken down into Five Steps:
1. Start with the end in mind
2. Develop the meeting process
3. Implement the process
4. Measure your progress and outcomes
5. Celebrate and/or refine
Without further delay, let’s start making our meetings FABULOUS…”

If you want to read more about holding GREAT Safety Meetings follow the link:

Read all four book from Alan D. Quilley CRSP:

– The Emperor Has No Hard Hat: Achieving REAL Workplace Safety Results©
– Creating & Maintaining a Practical Based Safety Culture©
– More Creating & Maintaining a Practical Based Safety Culture – Turning Intention into Action©
– How to Hold GREAT Safety Meetings – These meetings don’t suck anymore!©


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