2 comments on “A bit of mid-week humour!

  1. stephen sandilands says:

    Keep up the good work Al. Your CSI course is a definite must for serious safety personnel. Have seen some doozies including my favourite where a truck went up in flames and the independent “expert brought in wrote a report stating a specific cable was to blame. Managment did not want to listen when his credentials were question – member of automotive theft investigators”, The whole object had become one of Management blaming the crew who were installng the tracking modules, but the cable identified was a data cable carrying no power. Initial investigation overlooked the following: 1) cooling fan in dash ahd previously been replaced 3 times in 3 months due to overheating, 2) all normal conductive cables were hard stapled to surfaces impacting on protective coverings, 3) many cables were crimped, 4) power connections were closely lined up together on dash panel opening, 5) work area in dash was full of iron ore dust and aprticles (conductive), 6) no process for cleaning dash panel enclosure after any work or service carried out, 7) one fuse missing on circuit. On the full subsequent investigation some 3 weeks later I found teh said fuse in all the cqarred stuff still in the cab, obtained installation photos from the group who did the tracking installations (they photo each job as part of their installation), established the indiependent expert had not seen any of the evidence and had not accessed service hisotry or work order records and data and found nothing from him to support investigations of fires. Probable cause was the fan overheating, but became dificult to conclusively prove as the electrical techs had gone into the cab shortly after the fire and cable snipped most stuff, but you really need to know what you are investigating and what to look for in the first place. Still managemnt did not want to really know as the independent investigator (at great cost) was a mate of the workshop Maintenance and service manager. You ahve to become used to that sort of thing in business, but you alo know that you did your job in a prfessional manner and you can sleep at night. More power to your course!!

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