“Mandatory Reading!” – Alan D. Quilley CRSP

“This is the single most important article for everyone involved and/or committed to achieving Safety Excellence to read! Outstanding work! Every CEO, Senior Management Team, Safety Professional, HR Professional, Safety Committee Member, Father, Mother, Brother, Sister and employees MUST Read this article and help out companies and organizations do a much better job of managing safety! Congratulations Dave & Judith!” – Alan D. Quilley CRSP

Hypercompliance – Too Much of a Good Thing – Dave Rebbitt and Judith Erickson



3 comments on ““Mandatory Reading!” – Alan D. Quilley CRSP

  1. Jim Loud says:

    Yes Alan, Dave and Judith did a fine job on the article and I (for what that’s worth) highly recommend it as well. Importantly it calls into question the efficacy of cardinal rules and absolutes and the possibility that the addition of ever more rules and requirements might actually have a negative safety impact. Thoughtful stuff that should benefit anyone in the safety profession. Interestingly the next article in the same edition of Professional Safety also does a fine job of questioning traditional but potentially counterproductive safety practices. The article, “Safety Expectations Finding a Common Denominator” takes a very hard and convincing look at the value, or lack thereof, of Zero harm goals and the philosophy that all accidents are preventable. Whether safety professionals believe in this traditional safety dogma or not they will benefit from this article. More critical thinking regarding what we do (and have always done) in safety is sorely needed. Both these articles do a very good job of pushing us to do just that.

    • Jim – Thanks for the comment. I couldn’t agree more…we all need to raise the bar and the deepen the levels of conversations we have about making our world more safe and healthly through intelligence and positive actions.

  2. […] Thanks to Alan Quilley for sharing this significant piece by Judith Erickson and Dave Rebbit, which makes for “Mandatory Reading”, on his Safety Results blog. […]

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