We’re Pleased To Announce a FREE Download of CRSP Examination Practice Questions/Answers

Series One is available for FREE DOWNLOAD!


The download contains questions that are presented by Safety Results Ltd. to assist the CRSP candidate to assess their own knowledge gaps. There are NOT created to simulate the multiple choice questions you will see on the BCRSP Examination.
“There are no hard questions if you know the answers.” – Alan D. Quilley
Focused study on gaps in your current knowledge will move you towards your goal of not only being successful on the BCRSP Examination, but to make you a more valuable resource for your clients and employers. Being able to fully describe, in detail, a subject will help prepare you to answer multiply choice questions you will face in the BCRSP Examination.

All questions are created from the current BCRSP’s Examination Blueprint, the BCRSP’s recommended reading texts and the BCRSP’s Study Guides as sources for the questions and answers. Safety Results Ltd. will not debate the answers to the questions with our clients. They are presented here FREE OF CHARGE and are Copyright Materials. Please DO NOT copy these files. If you would like to share these question please direct people to our websites:




Thank you for downloading and using the materials provided. Please let us know what you think. Respectful comments and suggestions are always appreciated.
Alan D. Quilley CRSP