This Should Be Mandatory Reading For Everyone In The OHS Business…

Interesting read…

Reviewing Heinrich Dislodging Two Myths From the Practice of Safety

By Fred A. Manuele


• This article identifies two myths derived from the work of H.W. Heinrich

that should be dislodged from the practice of safety: 1) unsafe acts of workers

are the principal causes of occupational accidents; and 2) reducing accident

requency will equivalently reduce severe injuries.

• As knowledge has evolved about how accidents occur and their causal

factors, the emphasis is now correctly placed on improving the work system,

rather than on worker behavior. Heinrich’s premises are not compatible with

current thinking.

• A call is issued to safety professionals to stop using and promoting these

premises; to dispel these premises in presentations, writings and discussions;

and to apply current methods that look beyond Heinrich’s myths to determine

true causal factors of incidents.

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