Yet Another BBS Company Blames Humans! No Kidding!

“The BST study (in which Exxon, Potash Corp, Shell, BHP, Billington, Cargill, Archer Daniels Midland and Maersk participated) offers reasoned logic for a new paradigm of injury prevention and interventions.” Wayne Pardy

I met and worked with Dan Petersen in 1984…he had a very particular view of traditional safety management assumptions and conclusion reached based on very bad science. I saw him in the Royal York hotel in Toronto tell a room full of Ontario “5 Star audit affected” safety folks that there was NO scientific correlation with passing a safety audit and getting safety results. I thought I was going to have to do CPR are several of the audience members. They were all filled with “opinion” with absolutely NO real data.

The problem continues.  Having Behaviour Based Safety companies to do research on their own clients is like asking McD cooks who makes the best hamburgers. What do you think they are going to say? Once you’ve had a drink from the BBS kool-aid you start believing the BBS mantra…”Human’s cause incidents”. Of course they do, but name 10 incidents that you can discuss in detail that “didn’t” have an unsafe condition attached…well according to the “data” (all opinion based by the way) 9.6 of them we can only blame on humans….poppycock I say! Dan just rolled over a bit. I really miss him!

Thinking About Appearance-Based Safety©

Today on a conference call with some good friends and colleges the discussion evolved to where we were talking about corporations becoming dis-satisfied with their current state of their “safety culture”. The ones that are good, just not GREAT, at safety management. I said that I saw these companies as being where it looked like they were safe (intention binders in place, passing audits, managing low injuries numbers through claims management) but it just appeared that way. I thought these companies were achieving “Appearance-Based Safety”.
I liked it so much I copyrighted the term. There’s probably a book in there somewhere…Working title…”Beyond Appearance-Based Safety©”

Creating Safety Excellence

Creating Safety Excellence is very much about what we do on a daily basis to create safety environments and behaviours. How we manage the risk we face and how we manage our behaviours which will enhance our safe production of the services and products of your jobs is all important to our safety results. We’re interested in hearing about “Safety Creating” activities that you’ve experienced and implemented. Feel free to comment on the blog or send us an email to

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