STOP with the Silly and Illogical Zero Injury Goals!!!!!

Goals of perfection are silly and illogical.

Imperfect Humans + Imperfect Things + Imperfect Processes cannot NOT logically result in perfection as an outcome (except of course by luck).

Strive for Excellence…long periods of time with no surprises will be accomplished…Be happy with reality!

No Zero

2 comments on “STOP with the Silly and Illogical Zero Injury Goals!!!!!

  1. riskex says:

    Great points Alan – this was only ever intended to be a Boardroom goal – not used to improve culture on the ground as it is claimed to do – we all know it has exactly the opposite affect. The worry is that people think that zero harm is a good indicator or safety – that is like saying I am a good parent because I have never been reported to child services or a good husband because I have never had an affair! Where else measures success as not failing as opposed to doing the best we can and continually learning from where things inevitably don’t go to plan.

  2. Dave – Most of the boardrooms I’ve been in (and I’ve been in a ton) the people are smarter than this. I believe it’s “Sheeple behaviour” from the “SAFETY Crowrd” who originally were bullied into chanting it because everyone else was. It’s STUPID to set an impossible goal. It makes people frustrated. Most in the zero crowd lie anyway through manipulating the accident data through “light duty.” Telling your employees you have ZERO reportable injuries is basically telling them you don’t care about “Bob’s Boken Leg” because we can fit him in the tool room handing out tools until he gets better. It’s Bullfeathers!!!!!!!

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